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After scheduling an appointment with your chosen therapist, you will meet for an intake session to complete a diagnostic assessment. Your therapist will have you sign some paperwork, including the treatment agreement, informed consent, and financial contract that determines what your fee will be. Please also identify if you have additional providers with whom you would like your therapist to coordinate care.

You will discuss treatment goals during your intake session and work together to create a formalized treatment plan. Each session will be approximately 55 minutes in length. Most clients meet either weekly or biweekly, depending on need and/or financial circumstances.


General Email:

Phone: (612) 444-8039

Fax: (612) 324-7423

*Please view your chosen therapist's profile for their individual contact information*


Wood Psychotherapy is located off of Hwy 10

and Sunfish Lake Blvd


6575 141st Ave NW

Ramsey, MN 55303

Therapists are located in Suites 110, 113 & 114

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